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Looking for an agency to hire a domestic helper? Need help to process a contract ? At HelperPlace, we help you to find a professional domestic helper agency close to you. Based on specific criteria, you can now find and contact the right employment agency.

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FAQ to find a domestic helper agency

What is a domestic helper agency?

A domestic helper agency is the ‘middleman’ for both the employer and the domestic helper. While domestic helpers can easily find jobs through the agency, employers can find the full time helper of their choice. Domestic employment agencies will provide the right services for hiring overseas domestic helpers or local domestic helpers.

Why using an agency to find your domestic helper?

The agency assists the employers by providing them with a list of domestic helpers who are well screened and qualified. The employment agency will provide you candidates based on skills (housekeeper, nanny, caregiver, children care, cook,driver..)and availability. Meetings are also arranged by the helper agency between the employer and the helper, so that it becomes easy for the employers to hire the right candidate who can blend with their family.

What are the responsibilities of a maid agency?

Besides all these, a domestic helper agency checks the immigration and visa papers of the helpers and gets the employment contracts signed by the employer and helper, to avoid any problems later on. The agency will handle the paperwork process with immigration department, Indonesia consulate or Philippines consulate (visa fee, basic medical examination, consulate fees, trainings, mandatory insurance, flight ticket and airport pick up if needed). All applications will be monitored closely to ensure each helper will arrive in Hong Kong and start to work on time. A domestic employment agency will also assist you for contract renewal or contract termination.

Tips to select a domestic helper agency

The helper agency must be licensed and have a high retention rate. Remember, a good agency will be reputed. Provide a fair employment is the most important.You can check for the reviews on our platform. If you find more number of negative reviews, you better give a second thought before going ahead with the agency. The agency must also offer competitive rates, but kindly note cheap rates must not be the only criteria when looking for a reliable maid agency.

The domestic helper agencies in Hong Kong

350,000 foreign domestic helpers are working in Hong Kong. More than 1,500 agencies are registered by the labour department in Hong Kong. These agencies are offering their services to find maids and support you for the immigration process. They will help you to hire overseas workers (mainly from Philippines or Indonesia) or to find a candidate already in Hong Kong (finished contract, terminated due to relocation or for other reasons).