About our Agency

HelperPlace is a social leading platform connecting Domestic Helpers and Employers. More than 100,000 people have already used HelperPlace. We are proud to offer a free service to domestic helpers in order to support them to find the right employer.
Our Strength
  • Ethical
  • Fast
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Professional
  • Reliable
We Speak
  • English
We help you to hire
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
We are Expert
  • Local Hire
  • Pricing and Services
  • Local Hire – Finished Contract
    • Max Processing Time 4 week
    • Price start at 100
    • HKD

    HelperPlace is the perfect if you are looking for a domestic Helper who is finishing her contract soon. Through our platform, you have the possibility to connect, message and book appointment. HelperPlace is not an agency, we don\'t process the paperwork.

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    Michelle - Customer

    Thanks a lot for your support.

    Rachel - Helper

    I met my employer here. Very helpful and free 🙂