About our Agency

HKO Arigatoo Phil Maids  was founded by a Japanese teacher in Hong Kong.

We got an accreditation of Philippines consulate on August 2019 by Philippines overseas labor office (POLO).

We can introduce any kind of Filipino domestic helpers (Finish contract in Hong Kong, Ex-Hong Kong, Ex-abroad, New from Philippines). All domestic helpers take general training and special training for Japanese family (manner, cultural differences and so on).

We are supporting their skill up for Japanese language and cooking as well (extra charge).

People who likes  Japan, All are Welcome !

You are an employer who are looking for a helper let us know your requests.

For example:

Looking for a helper who

  • can speaks English/Japanese well
  • has experience working at Japanese /International family
  • can take care of  babies/children/elderly/disabled person/pets
  • has experience working in Japan / foreign countries

You are a helper who are interested in Japan, we are happy to share our culture and our mind. Knowing new things and  having new experiences, you can  skill-up & be more happy!

We  do the best matching for you!

Please inquire if you are planning to hire a Filipino helper or driver.

Also if you have any questions about hiring helpers, please feel free to contact me. 6302 1492 by whatsApp.

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Arigatoo (Thanks )

Our Strength
  • Flexible
  • Full Services
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Reliable
  • Strong Support
We Speak
  • English
  • Japanese
We help you to hire
  • Philippines
We are Expert
  • Local Hire
  • Overseas Hire
  • Renewal
  • Trainings
  • Pricing and Services
  • Full Package
    • Max Processing Time 4 week
    • Price start at 9200
    • HKD


  • Direct Hire - Local
    • Max Processing Time 4 week
    • Price start at 3000
    • HKD




  • Overseas Hire
    • Max Processing Time 3 month
    • Price start at 9200
    • HKD

    Helpers who are now in the Philippines

  • Contract Renewal
    • Max Processing Time 3 week
    • Price start at 2200
    • HKD

    《Renewal with same helper》
    HKD2200 / Previous client
    HKD2600 / Fist time using our agency

  • Reviews
  • Customers Review
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    Domestic Helpers Review
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    Liezyl - Helper

    Hko Arigatoo Phil Maids was fantastic agency. Miss Kon maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly, and found me the perfect employer instantly. I have been constantly impressed with her since the first day she contacted me. She was always there to help throughout the process. Now I have some friends who also want to apply in this agency when they finish their contract. I could not recommend Hko Arigatoo more highly. Thank you.

    Eleonor - Helper

    Thanks for this agency to give me a good employer, their kids are so very kind.

    Geralyn - Helper

    HKO ARIGATOO PHIL MAIDS is a good and friendly agency. Thank you for helping me to find a new employer. Hope you can help more helpers like me. God bless.

    Ana - Customer

    I had employed two helpers in the past. However, both had considerable problems and we eventually had to terminate both individuals. I was very much troubled with this situation and was resigned to not being able to find a solution. However, I did approach Ms. Kon and decided to believe in her ability to locate reliable helpers.

    I am very happy to say my current helper that I found through Ms. Kon is entirely different from the persons I employed before. I am very glad to have decided to try one more time with her agency.

    Although other agencies seem to be mainly concerned with getting contracts signed, Ms. Kon was very open throughout the process and she clearly puts the long term interests of her customers in having reliable helpers at the forefront.

    Yuki A. - Customer

    We are from Japan and we were looking for the first time for a domestic helper. It’s always easier to find someone able to talk your native language. Hisako did the perfect search for us. Thank you 🙂

    Yolanda B. - Helper

    This is Yolanda from Philippines. I am very proud to say that HKO ARIGATOO PHIL MAIDS is a good agency. This is a best place wherein you can find a better choice for looking a good employer that you need. They had a good way of taking care both helpers and employers need. They welcome with a sincere smile.
    So what are you looking for come and get in ❤ Thank you and May God bless our choice too.
    Thank you HKO ARIGATOO PHIL MAIDS for my new employer. Hope you can help more helpers like me.

    Jane - Helper

    A nice agency and maam hisako is very accommodating, friendly and approachable. I find a nice employer through this agency. Thanks and God bless you more.

    Malou H. - Helper

    Arigato Phil. Maids is a good agency. I found exactly on time that I need and now I got a good employer and felt it’s suit for me. Thanks a lot HKO. I am very happy and glad I met you.
    I can recommend you to my friends.
    Godbless. More power.

    Analyn - Helper

    I would like to thank HKO Arigatou for giving me a nice employer. It is very easy and i don’t have problem in processing my documents. I’m so happy working on their house, kids are kind and polite.
    I’ll recommend this agency to all my friends. Ms. Hisako is a really good friend to me.
    Thank you so much and Godbless.

    Vivian - Helper

    A very nice agency can recommend to my friends, nice, friendly, approachable and accommodating. Ma’am hisako thank you for your help, I found a very nice employer thank so much HKO Arigatoo Agency Phil Maids and more blessings to your company and grow more big.