About our Agency

Ka Wo Consultants Limited, DD Domestic Services and Home De Fairy Consultants Limited are able to provide the best services.

We are a licensed domestic helper agency and accredited by Philippine and Indonesian consulate. With our 26 years of extensive experience in the domestic helper agency, we have selectively associated with well established and reputable overseas companies in the Philippines and Indonesia to recruit foreign domestic helpers.

Our team is well experienced to identify and access helpers from overseas and also locally to match our client’s specific needs. We are dedicated in delivering excellent service to our clients and our commitment to provide our clients with the best helper for their family.

Our Strength
  • Ethical
  • Full Services
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Professional
  • Supportive
We Speak
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Filipino
  • Indonesian
  • Mandarin
We help you to hire
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
We are Expert
  • Local Hire
  • Overseas Hire
  • Renewal
  • Pricing and Services
  • Full Package
    • Max Processing Time 1 month
    • Price start at 1800
    • HKD

    Based on your specific requirements our company will provide you with the best services and quotation.

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    Rachel M. - Customer

    Thanks a lot to this professional domestic helper agency. The team is really nice and customer oriented. They introduced us a large choice of helpers and we they found the perfect one for my family.