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Good day ma'am sir, I'm Cristina, 40 years old, happily married for 21 years. I have 1 son whose 15 years old right now. Based on my experienced I believe that I have the ability to perform the job well. I'm hardworking, loyal and enthusiastic person who understand how important work is to my overall happiness. I take my work very seriously and Im always looking to improve my skills and qualification so I can work to a high standard possible in my role. I have a very good organisational skills and I always plan my weeks work in advance to make sure nothing will be neglected on my duties and responsibilities. 

This job will give a financial freedom to my family specially to my son that soon enough will be in his college life and to my 81 years old mother whose needed medical assistance too. 

If you will given me a chance to work with you I promise that I will bring great deal of experienced, loyalty and positive attitude to your family. 

Thank you for taking time reading my message. Hope to hear you soon. Keep safe and GOD BLESS

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