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Janice Marie

Janice Marie

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أنثى | ارمل/ة | 3 أطفال | فلبيني | كاثوليكي

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Hi dear employers, i am Janice, from Philippines. I have been working in Singapore as a babysitter, nanny and an all around helper for 13 years to Korean and French families. I came back to Philippines During the pandemic because my last employer went back for good to Korea. In my 13 years in Singapore, i do all the household chores, look after babies from newborn onwards, i do grocery shopping,Menu planning, organizing playdates for children, walkings dogs, bringing children to and from the school, tutoring and playing with children. I am a very independent helper who do not need supervision. I can organize and plan the things that has to be done daily.I have a great passion in helping parents to look after their children and to help them raise them well. I am very particular wt my cleaning and everything i do.

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