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Hi, Have a great wonder day Ma'am/ Sir. I've been worked as a house helper last january 2012- march 2015. Family of 3 (including 1 kid). I'll doing all the house chores and drop in and pick up the kid in their school, But sometimes my employer help me to clean, cook, wash the clothes and take cake their kid, if my employers no work. I been experienced to love and care may past employers(including the kid). 

After that if my worked was done, I and Kid was playing his toys and watching Nursery Rhymes and after we played and watch, we read and doing his homework so in the evening all is done and we will preparing all the meals and take a bath the kid, so my employers will be happy to see their kid so clean and their house.
I love to take care a kid/kids like it's my own kid/kids. I will take care the kid/kids like he/she's my own Kid/kids. I will teach the good and bad thing so he/she know the good and bad. And I will do the same how We/I teach our Son. 
That's all about me. Thank you for read this and I hope I'll be the one who will help you the house chores and taking care to your baby.  Have a great day ma'am/ sir.Thank you and see soon.
Thank you and Godbless.

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