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أنثى | عازب/ة | 2 أطفال | فلبيني | كاثوليكي

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Hi Sir /Madam, I'm Lynnie, 50 years of age from the Philippines. I have a work experience of 14 years. I spent those years in Taiwan as a caretaker of elderly and also as a nanny. I can communicate fluently in English as well in Mandarin. I'm honest, trustworthy, God fearing, hardworking, patience, willing to learn more if necessary, dedicated all my time to whatever task I am assign, loving, kind, caring and generous. As of now I'm currently in the Philippines after my contract ended in Taiwan last June 2019. Hoping to find again a job as well to find a good employer

Thanks a lot for your time.

I'm fully vaccinated. 

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