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I am a positive and a strong woman who  love kids.  I am very well experienced to take care of toodlers/newborn babies/teenager.I loved cooking and I am good at cooking both western and Asian cuisine I can follow recipe too. I worked in Malaysia and in Hong Kong . I also work in macau for a few months. I worked in a different family including ex-pat families. , I am very well experienced with this job. I also took care of a 30kg dog to my previous employer.( I love animals esp. dogs and cats.) I am very confident in myself that I can do all the task given by you. I am reliable, can work independently without supervision. I have a good reference from my previous employer. The reason , why I am breaking my contract is because  I am taking care a disabled person old man and always working at night shifts and  working also day time. I dont have have much sleep and im worried about my health and also he is a bit heavy when I lifted him and I have a problem with my back already.  For those employer who would read this please give me  a chance to work here. I am very hard working person. Looking forward to  hearing from you . Thank you in advance.

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