We are looking for a new helper to join us when we move to the New Territories on September 15th 2020.

We have very specific requirements so please read and don’t apply unless you meet the criteria…

Experience with a young child (1-year-old, very active, mobile and mischievous)

Strong cooking knowledge and a desire to learn and improve. The female of the house is a highly respected Chef.

Experience of dog care. A very active dog that is well trained and obedient however does require substantial walks to help her burn energy.

Aged between 20 and 35 ( Sorry, we will not consider anyone outside this range due to the very active nature of the child and dog)

Physically fit with good eating habits. A bad diet will reduce ability to fulfil job requirements.

Intelligent with a desire to learn and improve. The adults are both established and well-respected teachers in their respective fields and are willing to help a new employee to develop their talent and abilities where possible.

As mentioned before, please don’t apply unless you meet these criteria as you will just be wasting everyone’s time. The criteria may seem harsh but we are unwilling to employ another  helper that can not work unguided and can’t add to our household. The wage will be above minimum with a gradual raise based on our satisfaction of duties being fulfilled successfully.

Tagged as: Child care, Cooking, Pet Care

Salary & Accomodation
  • Monthly Salary: 4630+
  • Accomodation: Private room
  • Day Off: To be discussed
  • Working Status: Any Situation
Cooking Skills
  • Chinese
  • Western
Main Duties
  • Child Care
  • Cooking
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet Care
Other Required Skills
  • Housework