Hi!me and my husband are having baby in first week of october 2020, so we are looking for starting around beginning of September (1 year contact, or 4 month), We most probably will provide a room in our apartment to stay with us so you don’t need to travel, as we are very international the cooking skills are need in very good level as will be necessary to learn our particular food dishes, apartment is not very big so we will need to ask not to be noisy, be fast and efficient, so as you will complete daily tasks you can have time for you ,i might will need help with newborn baby as it my first one ,maybe your company in hospital visits or doctor visits, if needed.

We asking to do have your personal experience raising your own kids, age 32-46 married, and be already in Hong Kong working at least 5 years.

We will have some traveling after some time,so your schedule for holidays time must be preplanned well, we need to see your reference letter or have a direct contact of family you worked last.

we are looking forward to find the right person!

Tagged as: Baby care, Cooking, Housekeeping

Salary & Accomodation
  • Monthly Salary: 4,630
  • Accomodation: Private room
  • Day Off: Sunday
  • Working Status: Finished Contract
Cooking Skills
  • Japanese
  • Western
Main Duties
  • Baby Care
  • Cooking
  • Housekeeping
Other Required Skills
  • Baking