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Housework cooking cleaning

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Job Requirement

Job Description

Assisting family (mam, sir, grandparents) in all round housework & childcare (5yo girl, 3yo girl, 1yo boy)


- Love the 3 kids. Be gentle, patient and consistent.

- Maintain good, harmonious, respectful, loyal relationships with all employer’s family members.

- With co worker. Maintain peaceful relationship with co worker.

- Hardwork, focus and faithfulness required.

- Day starts when/ before kids awake ~6am, ends ~9:15pm.

- After ~9:15pm, Share room with kids, serve when needed.

- Day off: Monday.

- Off after 9am, back before 6pm with bonus.

- English only & no use of personal phone during work hour.

- Uniform provided required.


Pay: $6000+


Breakdown =

Basic Salary $4630

+ Bonus $1370 for good performance

+ Bonus for Work on Day Off


Bonus Schedule for Work on Day Off:

(Follow employer’s requirement & scheduling)


For Weekly Off:

Out 9-6: $150

Stay: $300


For SH/ AH Off:

Out 9-6: $200

Stay: $450

Required Skills / Duties

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