About Me

Hi mam/sir,

I’m ederlyn, 33 years old, a filipina, married with 2 kids (a 10 years old son and a turning 9 years old daughter). A university graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. I am working here in Hong Kong since April 2014 as a domestic helper up to present.

I’m honest, kind, reliable, organize and neat person. I can work even under pressure. And I can easily adopt with new environment.

My work experience are as follows;

1) Finished contract – April 2014- April 2016

I worked for a Chinese couple with 2 kids (a 2 and 3 years old, both girls); I love being with kids. I like reading stories, singing, and playing with them. I helped them in their homeworks and tutoring as well. I accompanied them to playdates, parties of friends, activities. Sometimes i picked them up directly from school. I worked with another helper who became my close friend up to now. I did all household chores like cleaning, cooking simple Chinese foods, marketing, and washing clothes. I also experience car washing here.

2) Relocation- April 12 2016- September 30, 2017

This time I worked for a German family with 7 years old twins, both boys. Here, I mainly doing all household chores like cleaning, ironing, marketing, cooking ( simple asian dishes and western), simple baking. I am free to manage my time and the sequence of my chores as long as i do my job on time and well done. Sometimes if mom is busy, I took charge in accompanying the twins for play dates and activities. Their dad always bring them down to the school bus every morning and most of the time, I will be the one picking them up in the bus stop. Once or twice a week, the couple goes out at night. And that’s the time for me to take care and play with them which we all three enjoyed and love the most. Unexpectedly, my contract with them has not been completed because they were relocated to Germany. I worked with them for 1 year and 5 months.

3.) At the moment -from November 4 up to present

.. I am currently working for a Chinese family. A single mom with 17 years old daughter. Sad to say I am not happy here. I’ll tell the reason why during the meet up. That makes me looking for another employer. I can provide you a recommendation letter from my previous employer and can contact them.

With regards to cooking, I am good in following recipes, Or teach me your ways (because I believe every family have different taste and preferences) I’m willing to learn more.

I’m looking forward to work with kind hearted, understanding and generous employer. Hope to hear from you soon. I’ll be available for interview face to face/willing for try out during Sundays. Please contact me thru 5242 2263. Or email me at [email protected] Thank you.. Best Regards..

About Me
My skills and experiences
  • Child Care
  • Cooking
  • Housekeeping
My cooking skills
  • Chinese
  • Vegeterian
  • Western
My other skills
  • Baking
  • Car Wash
  • Computer
  • Housework
  • Sewing
  • Tutoring
My working status
  • Break Contract
  • 2016
    April 2016 - September 2017
    • Domestic Helper Hong Kong
    • German Family Couple + 2 kids
    • Duties: Child Care, Groceries, Housekeeping
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  • 2018
    Saint Mary's University 2005