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Cherry S.

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Mmy name is Cherry, 34 years old. I'm Filipino single. I've been working here in Hongkong for almost 10 years of experience. My experience for the Hongkongese people they are 7 members of the family the children are 5,13 & 17 years old doing household chores marketing and cleaning sometimes for cooking an also car washing. Because we are 2 helper in that house the size of the apartment are bigger flat 2,600 sq. Ft. I'm finished contract with them for 4 years.

I've been working also for one Elderly woman she's 103 years of age. She's living at mid- level her house appartment size 3,200sq ft. Usual I'm doing household chores, marketing, taking care of her for the medical check up. Cooking her simple food. Bringing here to meet up her children for lunch or dinner. She's already an using wheelchair. Sometimes doing for coloring here hair. An also I'm experience to work with the Indian family for 1 year & 1 month because of their reason to leave in relocation for the other country like in Malaysia I'm cooking there food, taking care of 9 years old boy an 1 small dog. Household chores marketing sometimes ironing, an tutoring the child for his homework.For my current employment job there are 4 family members 2 adult and 2 children which is 9 and 13 years old. I'm cooking there food,picking up the children from school sometimes because of the extra activities work, marketing, Ironing,Laundry, household chores, my Employer are full time job. I'm going to finish my contract with them for 2 years this coming January 7 2021. House appartment size 1,100 sq ft. Hopefully Ma'am/ Sir you can give me an opportunities to work with you, in I'm appreciated if you teach me more for what you want I can do for my job. Thank you so much for dropping by in reading my resume. I'm a kind of cheerful,Thoughtful positive vibes, Trustworthy filipina girl. 


                                          Best regards Cherry 😇🙏😇



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