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Hi, good day to everyone! I’m Nerissa Kumamoto, I’m 44 yrs old, I’m a single parent with 21 yrs old son. I’m now working for more than 8 yrs in Hong Kong. On my current employer my main task is tutoring an ADHD kid and it’s very challenging since before the covid his parents was often travel, so, only me and the kid. I do all the responsibilities regarding his school matter even attending meetings at school. I can say that I’m trustworthy (no cctv at my current employer’s house), organised, good in hygiene, reliable, honest, I can bake (self-learned from Google and YouTube), i can do or fix basic carpentry and plumbing I’m good in cooking although with my current employer I always cook Philippine dishes and they really love it, I can easily follow instructions. Sad to say, I broke my contract, but I have a valid reason, I can tell it during interviews. Not all break contracts are bad., same thing with terminated contract by employers (vice versa) Actually I’m working with them for 6 years and 6 months. I hope I’ll be given a chance, I really need a new job for my son’s college to sustain his expenses. you won’t regret if you hire me especially those who have a kid(s) I’m good on handling kid since I really love kids, as my previous employer says, I worked with all my heart. Also my current employer’s friends and my employer i work with my heart. If I got hired and given a chance to go home first for a month(s) break, I would really appreciate, since almost 3 years didn’t visited my family due to covid. To those employers who got interested on me you can hit my profile or you can contact me directly on my WhatsApp. Good luck and God bless to all of us!

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