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(43 岁)

女性 | 已婚 | 1 个小孩 | 其他国籍 | 天主教


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I worked here in Hong kong 4 years from now. My main duty is a house hold work taking care the needs of the family I am serving. I also do marketing and cooking. And taking care of children when nanny are taking their day off. I can work independently. I am honest trustworthy hardworking person even I work too much I didn't complain as long as I am happy to work for. I am a kids lover. I treated the family I served as my own so that I can work and do my job well with out any expectation they treated me the same. To all employers to hire me if you don't if there are times I do some mistake just talk to me please don't scolded me in front of other becauseI am also human can feel shyness. I am a happy type of person although I look like serious. Just know me better if I work with you guys... God bless and have a good day.