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Donna Mae
Donna Mae

Donna Mae

(44 岁)

女性 | 已婚 | 3 个小孩 | 菲律宾人 | 基督教


技能 / 职责


Hi, my name is Donna Mae, I'm 44 years of age. I am an affectionate and approachable person. I make sure i do my job properly and eagerly not simply because its my job but because it is my responsibility that my employer had entrusted to me. As human as i am i can't say that i don't male mistakes because i am not perfect. I am always willing to admit my fault, learn from my mistakes and do better. I am very flexible person, the only weakness I have is i guess cooking, i can only do basic cooking cause i only cook for the kids. I am very much willing to learn if given a chance. My main duty is to take care of an 8 year old girl and the 4 year old boy if his nanny is on holiday. We share cleaning, washing clothes and cooking for the kids. I go out together with kids to send them to their respected activities/classes.