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(44 岁)

女性 | 已婚 | 2 个小孩 | 菲律宾人 | 天主教


技能 / 职责



My name is Anabelle D. Cordova, I was born in September 15,1977 in Philippines. I am a high school graduate and has various work experiences as a domestic helper. I work as a domestic helper at Singapore for almost 10 years. 3 years to a Chinese family, 4 years to a Filipino family and 3 years to a Chinese family. My daily chores are: cooking, ironing, cleaning, watering plants, doing laundy and vacuuming. I also love taking care of children and
playing with them. Though it was difficult for me to live and work in a foreign county which is far away from my family, especially my 2 kids, I am doing all my very best to provide their needs and for their better future.
My Skills and Personality:
  • Hardworking and dedicated to the task on hand
  • Successfully completed various works with strong focus
  • Able to perform task effectively and efficiently
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to establish a trusting relationship with employer and co-workers
  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Honest, respectful and patient