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(36 岁)

女性 | _身 | 没有小孩 | 菲律宾人 | 天主教


技能 / 职责


Assalamu alaykum

I hope I can find a good and friendly employer that can work with. Looking forward to work with you.  My name is Cheryll Florito Cuestas, 36 years old. A strong independent women and easy to get along with. I am from Davao City, Philippines. I've been working as OFW- Overseas Filipino Worker since 2012 up to this date - mostly in caregiving and household services. I'm very hardworking and passionate about my work for I love taking good care of sick patients specially for those who are in needs. I'm very active and i can work easily without any supervision- i always want my work to be organized, fast, tidy and clean in which mostly my employer appreciates me with this.

In my 9 years of working experience, I've been through a lot. I learned different things and  I can easily adopt the culture and traditions in any country I was working with. I'm always looking forward for new things and new people in different country. By sharing my skills and experiences, I know I would be able to serve at my best in any ways and wanted to learned more good things from others.

Thank you and more power.