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Josie Jean


Josie Jean

Josie Jean

(30 岁)

女性 | _身 | 2 个小孩 | 菲律宾人 | 基督教


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Hi! I'm Josie Jean, a Filipino, 30 years old, single but has two kids already age 4 and 7. I'm a happy person who loves both dogs and kids. I'm willing to learn about everything that's new to me. I'm easy to get along with as long as we have good communication skills. I have a good performance of my work and a recommendation or reference letter will be presented once you ask for it. My current employer who will relocate by the end of January 2022, they treat me as a part of their family. I eat with them and they trusted me a lot because they left me for 2 months alone at home when they're in vacation. They came back without any complaint from my 2 months staying alone in their house. I am willing to have an interview for more details at your convenience time during my Sunday off. Thank you.