Common Problems Faced by Employers about their Domestic Helpers

Common Problems Faced by Employers about their Domestic Helpers


14-08-2020 | 5 min read

As an employer, it happens that you would try your best to hire and retain helpers for a long period of time. But one needs open communication between you and the helper so that the problems are sorted out. Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong are sometimes quite tough to handle, and might cause some problems for the employer. Some neglect the children, rob valuables, and even resort to abuse. Here are the top problems faced by employers with domestic helpers:

1. Chronic Ailments and Disease

Some domestic helpers suffer from chronic diseases and might ail from serious health issues right from the very start. They deteriorating health condition can affect their work and productivity at home. If a domestic helper is unfit to work, the employer is sure to face huge problems, especially in tending to the helper’s needs as well as complete daily chores by themselves, even after paying their helpers on a monthly basis.

2. Lies on Major issues

Some domestic helpers in Hong Kong resort to lies with respect to their past, especially their employment papers and previous criminal history. Sometimes they might use false references on their behalf. They might claim about their previous employers and resort to fraud in posing someone else. They might also resort to deception and misrepresentation on different counts, which means one cannot trust them with family members.

3. Incompetence and Negligence

Incompetence and negligence is a major issue among domestic helpers who come all the way from the Philippines with no prior experience. Some are not bold enough to live well in a new country nor do they possess adequate household helping skills. They resort to fake documentation to run away from their status quo, which might involve swindling issues, elopement from the country, financial pressure etc. Those who are incompetent in any sort of work, employers are bound to face problems. Some helpers are negligent in taking care of children, which is absolutely unforgivable. If things go out of hand, any mental or physical problem of the children would lead to criminal charges on the helper.

4. Misuse of Electronic Devices

Domestic helpers sometimes misuse the freedom given to them by staying out late, using employer’s useful belongings, and the gadgets at home all day long during work time. They might be allowed to watch TV off and on after the chores are complete. If they disobey, it is important that employers reprimand them when they shirk their duties. Some domestic helpers misuse and even take undue advantage of the presence of the family members. Once known, employers need to be strict with their helpers about the same.

5. Increasing Debt or Guarantees

Some domestic helpers are down on debts always while some are always ready to be a guarantor for those they do not know about. Debtors are sure to harass the employer to extract money from the helper or even blame them for posing as a guarantor to a defaulter. Returning money is the only option but if they are short on funds, it is going to be a big problem for the employer to handle such events on a daily basis. If debt collectors ask for payment consistently, even employers are subjected to humiliation and disturbance

6. Helper Affairs

It is often seen that domestic helper fall in love or get involved with the residents or someone whom they know in the vicinity. These affairs can crop in households and problems will arise if their affair starts getting out of hand, involving the employers in the process. For domestic helpers to start an affair and failure to keep it under wraps can create problems for employers.

7. Lack of Good Communication and Hygiene

Although the language problem needs to be sorted out at the job interview itself, domestic helpers sometimes are not able to converse clearly with the family. This would lead to problems as both the helper and the elderly in the house might fail to convey what they need. Without a common ground for communication, it might create unnecessary complexities and even create domestic issues due to lack of proper communication. Also, when the maids have bad body odour or do not have proper hygiene, it is important for employers to put down hygiene rules before they jet-set with the tasks of the day. Proper hygiene is very important especially if they have to spend the entire day amidst children and elders.

Ending Note

Employers depend on domestic helpers for their household chores but not every helper they choose turn out to be efficient and effective. Experienced helpers are hard to find, while one can look out for good maids and helpers at online sites itself.