The Best Domestic Workers Trainings

A lot of trainings are available to provide to Foreign Domestic Workers more experience (caregiver certificate, CPR and first aid classes, childcare) and help employer to improve the skills of their helpers (cooking, housekeeping, languages, driving..) We are listing the best trainings for any helper.

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Benefits of Training and Classes for Foreign Domestic Helper’s Skills

When we decided to hire a foreign domestic helper, it means we are determined to invite the domestic helper to be a part of the family’s daily routine. As we are the ones who wanted to hire them, it is important for us to ensure that the domestic helper has the skills we need to help us around. If we cannot teach the skills by ourselves, we can always give our domestic helpers the training and classes for the needed skills. Of course, there are also other benefits of training and classes for foreign domestic helpers. Below are the benefits of training and classes domestic helpers can get if they attend the training.

Informing the helper of the family’s routine

By giving domestic helper the training and classes, we are also informing them of the family’s needs and activities. This is beneficial for the helper, as the helper will be able to adjust himself/herself to the needs of the family. To help the domestic helper familiarize himself/herself with the new routine, it’s best to give the helper the most basic training he/she needs (such as cooking, housekeeping and other things your family need) within one month after arriving in the country.

Identify hazards at home

Health issues signs are one of the several things many people are not aware of. This is due to the hectic schedule some people go through every day, making them unable to see health issue signs such as body pain, headache, and others. Giving training related to health issues signs is a great way for domestic helpers to gain knowledge about health issues. If your family is too busy to see the signs, then the domestic helper can help you recognize the signs. This is very important, especially if you have an elderly in the household that usually spends his or her time with the domestic helper.

Recognizing the health issue signs in the household

If you have a specific need that the domestic helper needs to understand, then it’s best to give her the special training at the same time as basic training (within one month). For example, there is an elderly with special circumstances at your house where you need to be careful at positioning the elderly. It’s best to give training related to the positioning so that the domestic helper can get accustomed to the new routine as soon as possible.

Knowing new techniques for specific circumstances

New friends and refreshing activities

The last but not the least, letting the domestic helper attend training and classes will allow them to meet new people and friends of the same nationality. Although this might sound simple, new friends can greatly boost the domestic helper’s energy. For them, having new friends with similar circumstances or the same nationality is similar to finding a kindred soul where they can share stories to each other.
Moreover, training and classes can give domestic helpers new activities they have never discovered before. For example, you can offer them extra classes such as photography, dancing, or other classes related to hobbies.
Although these are not the only classes and training you can offer, these are the most basic training that can greatly benefit both you and the domestic helper. The domestic helper will gain new knowledge that can be useful for him or her, while you have an additional family member that can look out for other family members. In fact, you can also join some of the activities the domestic helpers do for leisure! It’s definitely a great way to deepen the bond between the family and the domestic helper.