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  • French couple looking for Helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 14 hours ago
  • Chinese family for 4

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 20 hours ago
  • Family looking for Domestic Helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 23 hours ago
  • Full time helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 1 day ago
  • Looking for Domestic Helper in Singapore

    Direct Employer
    • Full Time
    • 2 days ago
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Looking for a helper with strong reference

Hong Kong Full Time

Needs a helper who can be part of our family to take care our 8 month old. we are young,

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HelperPlace allows me to connect with more than 10 drivers. 1 week later, I recruited one of them .

Connect with 10 drivers

I’m incredibly pleased with HelperPlace’s service. They offer qualified Helpers & super quick support, they have turned me into a big fan.

Family search helper in singapore

Thanks a lot to HelperPlace, our new helper is the perfect one for our western family.

Ashley get Maid with Kid Care skills

HelperPlace offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping families find great helpers, wonderful service!

Karen connect with maid in dubai

They helped me find a domestic employee in less than 2 days and she is just amazing, I sincerely recommend HelperPlace!

Amy connect with helper

I really was into the rush to find a Helper and this free service give me the right profile in less than 2 days.

Shirley recruit helper in hong kong

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