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  • Excellent helper needed – Tung Chung

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 1 day ago
  • Australian and Chinese Canadian looking for live-in helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 1 day ago
  • Looking for a Domestic Helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 1 day ago
  • Small Chinese family

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 1 day ago
  • Wanted loving and warm heart helper

    Direct Employer
    Hong Kong
    • Full Time
    • 2 days ago
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Indian family looking for finishing contract helper

Hong Kong Full Time

We are 2 adults with 2 teen kid, one son is in college abroad and the other one is soon

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Family search helper in singapore

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Ashley get Maid with Kid Care skills

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Karen connect with maid in dubai

They helped me find a domestic employee in less than 2 days and she is just amazing, I sincerely recommend HelperPlace!

Amy connect with helper

I really was into the rush to find a Helper and this free service give me the right profile in less than 2 days.

Shirley recruit helper in hong kong

News & Tips About Domestic Employees

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Guide to Hiring the Right Domestic Helper in Singapore

Finding the right domestic helper in Singapore can be quite a perplexing and intimidating task for many as there are various aspects to consider before you choose the best one. Moreover, you are bringing a new member to your home and family who will be responsible for the well-being of your entire home. How to

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Appreciation Month Helper

Helper Appreciation Month in Hong Kong

More than 5% of the population in Hong Kong constitute of domestic workers who work hard to make your lives easy and comfortable. Although they are commonly known as helpers, they do more than to help you achieve your goals in life. They take care of your homes and loved ones when you are at

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Filipino Domestic Helpers Singapore

How POLO Singapore Helps Filipino Domestic Helpers

There are more than 180,000 Filipinos in Singapore who are engaged in different professions. Most of them have migrated to Singapore in search of job opportunities and have stayed back to become permanent residents of the country. You can find more than 44,000 Filipinos who have become permanent residents of Singapore. Most of the Filipinos

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