7 Tips to Restrict Excessive use of Smart Phones by Helpers

7 Tips to Restrict Excessive use of Smart Phones by Helpers



14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Anything when done in excess is not good. It goes true to the usage of Social Media as well. If the use of Social Media is restricted to connecting with relatives or sharing photographs during emergency it does not harm. However, when your domestic helper at home who is supposed to look after your kids and elderly starts doing it in excess or spends too much time on Smartphone, it is a matter of concern. There are several people like you who are troubled about the habit of their maids using Smart phones excessively which result in topsy-turvy at your home and your kids get neglected. Given here are certain tips that you can use to limit the usage of Smart mobiles by your maids.

Give Them Only Stipulated Time to Use Phone

Fix their time when they should use their phones and keep tabs so that they do not cheat on you. 30 minutes or one hour throughout the working hours a day is enough for their leisure time on phone. If they are using it more than 1 hour a day, the work at home will tend to suffer. So, warn them not to use phone for social media, playing games, watching songs, videos, clicking pictures, taking selfies or whatever more than 1 hour a day in any case. Don't forget that during her rest time, smart phone is very important for her to contact her family. This is probably the best way for her to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

Set a Time for All Things

If she spends 8 hours working at your home, you will know that she works optimally only when you set time for everything. If you know the estimated time taken for completing any household chore or for looking after kids, making them do their homework etc you need to set a time for that and ask her to notify you when a particular set of tasks gets completed. This way they will keep engrossed and would not be able to find time for the Smart Phones.

Using Smart Phones at Work Should be Strictly Prohibited?

Using phone is not an issue once the work gets complete but if she uses phone when taking care of kids, parents or at kitchen is wrong, unprofessional and unethical. If your maid does that she is not dependable. Stop her from doing this lest your work at home and kids will be at mess. Safety of your family is the most important! Your domestic helper need to be sincere and only use phone during break time or for safety  (emergency, report you something...).

Ask Her to Send Pics of Her Indulging in Work and Take Report

If you think that your maid is over indulging in the phone and have made it a habit to use it during her household chores, you can check this. Ask her to keep you sending pics of what she does, how much time she remains with kids or the elderly at home whom she is supposed to look after. She can send pics of kids engrossed in the studies, eating or playing games also. This will give you a live report. At the end of day, ask her about the full report of what she has done throughout the day and for how much time. This way she will be accountable. Not only this, she will think twice before using phone at work as she has to present the report at the end of day.

Give Her Workable Phone Only

If you think that she can cheat on you or manipulate other things you need not give her Smartphone where she can use Social Media, Watch movies, tune into songs etc. If you want her to focus on work mainly and devote her time in looking after your kids sincerely then you need not give her Smartphone and ask her not to bring one by herself. Make it a term and condition to join the job. Allow her to use phone only to make calls or send messages to you in case of any emergency or if something has to be notified urgently. This way you will end the root cause of the problem. But, if you need pictures of your kids from time to time at your workplace to make sure they are happy and engrossed, this tip would not work.

Make Use of CCTV

You can consider using CCTV to keep tabs on all the activities of your maid not just her using excessive Smart phone or if you don't trust your helper. If the footage says that she overuses it and neglects your household chores and children at home, warn them. Do not bring it to the notice of your maid that it is installed and she is on your radar. If you do so she will try to find ways to manipulate and cheat. If she is taking care of her work sincerely and making use of the phone only in the spare time then let her.

Apply the Same Standard On Yourself Also

If you want your maid not to cheat on you and work sincerely at home, set an example for her. If you yourself neglect kids or the elderly at home or compromise on your household task in front of her, she is more likely to do the same. So, it is better not to use a Smartphone before her while you are engrossed in any household activities. Apart from that, do not encourage the excessive use of Smart phones by your kids also. Let them know that an occasional Whatsapp or FB messenger is okay but the overindulgence in the social media will not be tolerated at any cost. Well! There is no harm in providing your domestic helper with a Smart phone and giving her access to net. However, if its excessive use is destroying your household and your kids are getting neglected then you should handle the entire matter with care. Prevention is better than cure, they say. True enough! So nip the issue in bud. If you think that your domestic helper will cheat on you and would not perform her duties sincerely at home, you should deal this issue right from the beginning. Make very sure to alert her that she is being monitored for what she does throughout the day. This way she will know that at work she is not supposed to indulge in leisurely chats or do anything on mobile for entertainment. Don't forget to be flexible with your helper! If you found the right domestic helper for your family, you need also to take care of her. Make use of above given tips and be rest-assured.