Make Your Helper Get Green Practices at Home

Make Your Helper Get Green Practices at Home


14-08-2020 | 5 min read

Have you ever thought of going green? How wonderful it would be if you could reduce carbon footprint! If you have been an environmentally conscious person, you definitely would have thought about green practices that you could promote and adopt to create an environment that you would love to live in. It is heartening to see that there is an increased awareness among the masses, as there is a pressing need. Conscious efforts are required to create a greener environment and yes! there are serious efforts being made for the purpose. People are making changes to their lifestyle, slowly but it is happening. However for the efforts to be truly successful, it is essential that everyone gets involved in the process. Greener environment is for the benefit of all, isn't it so? Right from children, parents to domestic helpers, everyone needs to be aware and contribute their bit. Going green is not easy. Awareness is more significant, practice will follow. Behavioral changes are possible only through education. It definitely takes time, like any other process, never expect changes to happen overnight. However if you have the determination, getting there is not impossible. Mother nature is an asset that needs to be preserved for future generations. We are all equally responsible and seriously need to take some steps to ensure it is protected. When you think of green practices, the first thing that comes to your mind is, 'how do I train my children and helper'?, because these practices need to be started at home and these people are the main stakeholders. You need to have some patience to make your helper become aware of the new practices, give her some time to adapt to the new lifestyle.

Encourage her to take on these gestures to preserve nature

It doesn't take much of your time and you will enjoy the results for sure!

  • Ask your helper to cook only the required quantity of food. Preparing food in big portions and letting it go waste is an irresponsible act. A bit of planning can go a long way. Help her to develop new cooking skills.
  • Do you have leftovers? Encourage your helper to use them for other dishes instead of just throwing them away. Remember there are lots of people in this world dying of hunger, never ever waste food.
  • Installing a food composter is a very good idea. If you have already installed, let your helper know how to use it and its benefits. She will definitely use it to the fullest.
  • Segregation of different materials is very important. Explain to your helper about the various bins where she could segregate waste such as paper, plastic and glass. Clearly explain to your helper about recycling and the need for recycling. Once she is aware of its benefits, she will practice it for sure.
  • Ask your helper to keep a watch on the household's energy consumption. Encourage her to switch off appliances when not in use. She might not know about the carbon that is released into the atmosphere due to consumption of energy! You cannot totally avoid it but definitely can reduce.
  • When you are buying household items with your helper, make sure you tell her about eco-friendly products that are cleaner and greener.

organic food for cooking

Adopting green practices is not easy, considering the present lifestyle. However change is more than ever required and it has to start somewhere. Why not take the initiative now? The sooner the better. Take pride in going green and trying to keep your home and environment healthy.

How Do You Train Your Helper To Go Green?

  • Your helper might not be used to the 'green' lifestyle. You need to have the patience and a positive attitude. Just because you are aware of it doesn't mean everyone should. You need to devote some time to teach your helper about the green practices. Give her some tips to organize and clean the house.
  • First and foremost, give her an introduction to all the items and appliances in your household. Let her get accustomed to it for a few days. Do not hurry and expect her to learn everything in days. Give her time and space, she would love to get used to it!
  • Train her to identify the cooking quantity. Make sure the food does not go waste. Teach her segregation.
  • Encourage and give her regular feedback. Motivation can do wonders.
  • If she finds it difficult to follow or gets annoyed when trying to adapt to the changes, don't jump into an argument. Remember it takes time.

Green practices must become a routine

When practiced regularly, this will become a routine. Practice it and see the results for yourself. Mother nature is something we owe to our children. You or I do not have the right to destroy it. Nature has given mankind everything, doesn't it deserve a bit of care? Emission of carbon is contributing to ill health. When you are aware of this, it is your duty to spread the message, loud and clear. You cannot change the whole society all alone, but definitely can bring in some changes at your home. When every individual does the same, a greener environment will not be a dream. Your helper is in charge of all your household chores. It is thus very important that you teach her the green practices and the need for the same.