Tips To Find A Job Faster Everywhere

Tips To Find A Job Faster Everywhere


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Searching for that perfect job can take weeks, if not months. Many people take up filler or part time work in an attempt to wait for their ideal one, but somehow, these job opportunities seem to miss them completely. If you find yourself on this end of the spectrum, and find that you are not getting jobs to your liking, or you are not getting jobs at all, it is probably time to utilise the tips which have been given below, and find your dream job faster on Helperplace.

Do not rush into jobs

First and foremost, you should be aware of the type of job that you are looking for. Domestic Helper, nanny, caregiver, driver...What sort of work is expected from you? When will be your day off? What is the kind of pay that you will be expecting from your employers? Where there are jobs, there are always prospective employers ready to hire new people. Unless you have a specific goal about what you want in your head, you will not be able to move any closer to finding your dream job.

Prioritise quality over quantity

If you are out of work, or are looking for a change from your current workplace, it must be a natural instant to apply to each and every place that you see, hoping to get a response from one of them. While such a move is understood, it is clearly not warranted. You may get a job offer from a place which may seem exciting at first. However, in the span of a few weeks or months, this job may tend to get stifling and suffocating. Thus, you should only apply for the jobs that you are genuinely interested in, and you know that you will enjoy working. One of the most important criteria is to check that there is a match on the potential start date!

Keep updating your resume

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Always keep your resume up to date, and keep adding in your jobs as you enter a new one. This advice may seem cliché, but many people refuse to comply with it. If you are ever in a position where you have found your dream job, you can apply for that position immediately, without having to worry about whether your resume had all the latest details, or fretting about if you forgot something important. In addition, adding on to your resume keep you on the top of the list, making prospective employers find you faster. Please fill carefully all your working experiences and explain what are your main skills.

Add the correct photos

Your employers do not want to see the photos that you post on social media. They want to see that you are a smart, capable, responsible, and independent caregiver. If you do not have such photos, it will be best to get them. You need to choose a photo of yourself (no kids, no friends). In addition, it is paramount to keep updating your photos as well. The same old photo month after month will not only get old very soon, it will also send a message to your prospective employer that you do not care about the job to begin with. If you do not care enough about your profile to keep updating your pictures, how can your employers trust you to have enough insight and care to take care of them or their family members?

To get a job faster, personalise your request to the family!

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Do not simply answer back to the family on their post, stating that you are a good fit for the job because you know how to cater to the needs of everybody around you. Your prospective employers may be getting hundreds of the same generic and ill- fitting response every day. Your application will get along with everyone else’s. Even if you are the perfect fit for the job, someone else will be chosen over you. Thus, you should research on the family. Personalise your answer based on the requirements that they have provided. Explain to them why you are the perfect candidate to be the caregiver of a patient who is bound to their wheelchair, or why your past employers have always touted you to be the perfect antidote to loneliness. Add in a few references or anecdotes of your own, to make your application sound the best it can. However, be sure to not go overboard on this regard. Your employers do not want to hear about your life story. Strike a perfect balance between being professional, methodical, yet easy to talk to and approachable, and you are sure to receive the job that you have always been waiting for.