We are a British family hiring a helper to look after 2 energetic children (6 years old boy & 8 years old girl) and one adult. No dogs. No cats. No car. No extra family memebers to take care of. 700 sq ft flat. Private living area. Every Sunday and public holidays off. Opportunity to take yearly leave. The adult parent works, so the job requires someone who can take full responsibility for the household duties and handle the children. Our meals are simple. We treat our helpers fairly and reasonably.


·       Every day Monday to Friday :

  • 5.45am – 7am: prepare breakfast for the family, packed lunches for the children. Ensure children are dressed and ready for school.
  • 7am to 4pm: household chores clean the flat, grocery shopping, laundry, iron, prepare dinner. Your rest time.
  • 4pm till about 9 or 9.30pm. Look after and discipline children. Take children to classes. Cook dinner for the family. Ensure children do homework, bathe, brush teeth and tidy up. Then wash dishes and tidy up the flat.

·       Saturday: general grocery shopping and household chores.

·       Every Sunday is day-off


·       Has own children. Has experience looking after children.

·       Experience taking full responsibility for household chores and children.

·       Has initiative and can work independently

·       Must be willing to follow our instructions, working methods and time-table

Year end Bonus will be paid for good performance.

The job starts Jan.

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Preferred Working Status:
  • Finished Contract
Main Duties:
  • Child Care
  • Groceries
  • Housekeeping
Monthly Salary: