Hi – we are a Canadian / Malaysian expat family (expecting newborn babies soon) in River Valley in a 3 BR condo with helper quarters.  We are considerate and respectful employers, and hope to find a considerate and respectful helper with a love of children to join our family.  We’re looking for a transfer helper (already based in Singapore) to start in November or December this year, although we have flexibility to hire at an earlier time for the suitable individual.

The pay will be in the range of $750 to $800, depending on qualifications.

We are looking for:

a) Help with cleaning and cooking.  We (the parents) will sometimes cook, but no matter who cooks, food will be shared.  You can opt to cook your own food, and we can discuss arrangements to accommodate that.
b) Help with some childcare duties.  Both parents will be on parental leave, but will need some limited additional help.
You should have at least several years of childcare experience as well as experience with basic cooking (either Western or Chinese), along with references.
You will have your own quarters and bathroom, as well as Sundays and Public Holidays off.  We will also pay for a yearly trip back home for you, with two weeks of paid leave to enable you to take that trip.

Tagged as: Baby care, Cooking, Housekeeping

Salary & Accomodation
  • Monthly Salary: 750-800, based on experience
  • Accomodation: Private room
  • Day Off: Sunday
  • Working Status: Transfer
Cooking Skills
  • Chinese
  • Western
Main Duties
  • Baby Care
  • Cooking
  • Housekeeping
Other Required Skills
  • Housework