Prepare meals, childcare related work, housework
We are a family of 5 living in Wan Chai looking for helpers with at least 8 years experiences in cooking, childcare related work. Our family 2 adults, 3 kids – 7yrs old, 7yrs old, 9yrs old.

We are Canadian Chinese lived in overseas for over 20 years.

Our children goes to school during weekdays. We have a fix schedule for kids (ie. breakfast, bring kids to school, house chores, pick up kids, dinner etc.). We are looking for a honest, hardworking, responsible, helper to take care of our kids. She will be required to be pro-active, experienced in Cooking and Childcare. Work is divided among 2 helpers so its much easier. House is easy to maintain.

We need someone that takes initiative, plans ahead, and is familiar with HK. Wet market, transportation, going to schools etc.

Helper should also be expected to come with the experiences she wrote on her resume (important). We also prefer helper with good language skills, who can communicate effectively and work at the same time.
Helper will have a room with a private washroom.
Helpers be required to sleep with kids sometimes.

Tagged as: Child care, Cooking, Housekeeping

Salary & Accomodation
  • Monthly Salary: 4700 + bonus & benefits based on experiences and performance
  • Accomodation: Share room with kid
  • Day Off: Sunday
  • Working Status: Finished Contract
Cooking Skills
  • Chinese
  • Western
Main Duties
  • Child Care
  • Cooking
Other Required Skills
  • Baking
  • Car Wash
  • Housework
  • Tutoring