British Family Looking for Two Helpers
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British Family Looking for Two Helpers

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Job Requirement

Job Description

We're a working couple looking for two helpers to work together in a team. We are a family of 4:- 2 adults, 1 one year old and 1 three year-old child. We also have two well-trained dogs. 

We offer an attractive salary (and additional bonuses) and a good working environment.

Helper's Room Details: Private helper's room with bunkbed, storage, private bathroom with toilet, shower and faucet. Bathroom and bedroom are renovated and comfortable. Curtains installed in bunkbed for additional privacy from roommate. Decorated with some pictures.

The helpers we're looking for:
- must have experience with taking care of young children.
- confident at cooking Asian and Western food.
- will follow instructions, learn, adapt and develop themselves
- have common sense
- honest, trustworthy
- kind-at-heart
- healthy and happy

Helper's Duty/Chores: [SHARED WITH OTHER HELPER] 
- Cleaning
- Laundry and Ironing
- Childcare (safe and alert helper, gentle, responsible, keep children clean, fed and happy.) 
- Petcare (walks, feeding, toilet breaks, wash), 
- Cooking (Asian and Western)
- Grocery Shopping
- Kitchen care (keep it clean, tidy, check foods for expiry, use foods before expiry/rotten)
- Domestic Errands
- Wash car
- Keeping Home Organized and Tidy
- Be polite and courteous when guests visit

Start Date: Immediate or October 2022
Contract Status: Finished Only, unless evidence of termination for relocation/financial reason.

If you meet the above requirements, please send message on WhatsApp: 93122987

Required Skills / Duties

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