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Indian vegetarian couple with kid looking for helper
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Indian vegetarian couple with kid looking for helper

Indian | Family | with 2 adults + 1 kid | 3 - Member

Posted: 6 mo. ago

Job Requirement

Job Description

We are an Indian vegetarian couple with a 4-year old kid. The wife is pregnant with another kid, due in January 2024. So, currently, there are 3 people, and will become 4 after the birth of another child.

We need a full-time, live-in female helper who can do all household chores, willing to learn cooking Indian vegetarian food and can also help to look after our kid.

We are nice, fun-loving people, and need an honest and reliable helper who can live like family with us.

We do have a few special requirements, so, please read carefully before applying. Please don't apply if you can't fulfill those requirements.

My WhatsApp contact number is: +91-90969436.


1) Washing utensils: We love to cook and eat at home, so, there would be dishes to clean everyday. We do have a half-size dishwasher, which the helper can use, but some dishes would still need to be washed by hand because the dishwasher doesn't have enough capacity to accommodate all the dishes. Please be very careful with operation of the dishwasher.

2) Cleaning of the house, including kitchen and bathroom: To be done as required.

3) Cooking: You must either know how to cook Indian vegetarian food or be willing to learn to do so. We will fully help you with the more difficult parts until you are proficient, but you should be willing to learn. We expect breakfast, lunch and dinner to be cooked.

4) Childcare: Cleaning, dressing and feeding the kid, and also watching over him when he plays on his own. He will go to school by school bus, and wife would usually pick up from/drop off to the bus stop, but during later months of pregnancy, if she is too tired to go downstairs, we would expect the helper to do so. When the next kid is born, expect to help with looking after him/her too as needed.

5) Laundry: We have a washing machine to wash clothes, and an iron and a steamer for ironing/steaming. A few clothes per week would need to be washed/ironed. Some delicate clothes might need to be washed by hand once in a while.

6) Others: You might need to buy groceries sometimes if we can't order them online.

A few points to keep in mind:

We do have some special requirements, and they are very important to us. We can't compromise on these, so, please read these requirements carefully before applying.

1) We are pure vegetarians, which means we do not cook or eat meat and eggs. These should never be brought into the house. This is extremely important to us and we expect the helper to respect this. No meat/eggs in the house ever.

2) We would provide free food. However, as mentioned above, this would be pure vegetarian food. To reiterate, meat/eggs should never be brought inside the house.

So, you should be willing to eat completely vegetarian food on your working days. We can't allow any non-vegetarian products inside our house, and we can't eat food cooked by you if you are touching meat on your working days.

Of course, on your day off, when you go out, you can eat what you want, but upon coming back, please take a bath before going to kitchen and cooking.

I know this might sound strange, but this is very important to us as we are a religious Indian Brahmin family. Please don't apply if you can't fulfill this requirement.

On the plus side, we know of many tasty Indian vegetarian dishes, which we cook on a regular basis, so, you would get to enjoy very tasty vegetarian food.

3) We have a 4 BHK flat (net area is 1400 square feet). A separate room would be provided to the helper. However, we have a lot of cabinets in that room, and some of our stuff is kept there. If we need something from that room, we would need to go into the room. We hope the helper is OK with this.

4) You should follow hygienic practices. For example, after cleaning toilet, please take a bath before going to kitchen. And, after cleaning something, please wash your hands. We will give you instructions regarding these things, but you should be willing to follow hygienic practices.

5) We are looking for someone who is truthful and honest. Things can go wrong sometimes, but you should be willing to let us know if something goes wrong and not hide it.

6) We expect 2-way communication, so, if you are concerned about something, please discuss with us instead of sulking over it. And, if we have any concerns, we would say it as well.

Salary is negotiable. Please contact if interested. Please note that the conditions mentioned about vegetarian food are extremely important to us. If you can't fulfill those, please don't apply.

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