Korean family looking for helper
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Korean family looking for helper

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We just had a new born, now 3 months old and is our first child. Looking for someone who is experienced in looking after new borns. The candidate should be able to manage the household, cooking, groceries, cleaning with minimal instructions and be a proactive manager of the household. Will be looking for honesty, hard working, attention to detail and genuine heart for babies. A self starter and be flexible to our family's needs and circumstances is a must. Willingness to learn and adjust to a new way of doing certain things is super important as we will want things done in a certain way. Expected Daily Tasks: - Taking care of the newborn including feeding, soothing, playing, changing diapers, bathing, putting to bed etc - Cleaning the house - Cooking: will provide a list of menus that our family enjoys (Korean, Chinese, Western) and will be expected to cook without having to be given instructions meal by meal - Groceries: go regularly to stock up in regular items and those that are needed ad hoc A private room will be provided for living. Looking forward to welcoming a important new member of our family!

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