Looking for a domestic helper passionate about kids
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Looking for a domestic helper passionate about kids

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We are a family of four, with a 4 yo girl and 1.5 yo boy from Australia. We’ve been here for the last 6 years. We’re looking for a helper who is perfect fit for us: she is proactive, energetic, passionate and patient with kids, adaptable, open to new ways of doing things, strong communicator, always contactable with the kids, transparent, flexible, honest, trustworthy and confident but curious. 


my husband and I are both working full time, however I consider myself very hands on with my kids and have strong Will to raise them mindfully, and positively. That is, through gentle parenting and positive parenting. 


A typical day for her would to make breakfast for herself and kids, so they can be to dropped off to school. I often work from home so I can also support with lunches. organising play dates after school. ideally she’d also not mind going into swimming pool (not scared of water) as the kids are coming to the age of honing swimming skills. 

we are a very loving & fun family looking to find a new fit for us (our current helper is over 60 and is looking to retire). Flexible start ~approx end July/Aug or mid Aug - with transitions with our current helper is preferred. 



if you have any questions - don’t hesitate to ask 

Nhuy and Alex

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