Looking for an Excellent Family Driver
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Looking for an Excellent Family Driver

American | Family | with 4 adults + 2 kids | 6 - Member

Posted: 2 mo. ago

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We are looking for a driver (lady driver preferred) whose main job is to drive every family member around, for example, (1) take kids to school, their playgroups and activities, (2) drive madam&sir to work and events, (3)help other family domestic helpers to do marketing/grocery shopping, (4) run errands independently, etc.  We currently have two domestic helpers who take care of the kids and do housework. When the helpers are busy, and ONLY when the driver is free, we need the driver to help the helpers do some housework/take care of the kids.  We hope the driver will work well with the two helpers as an efficient team. We are a family of 6.  Two Chinese grandparents, a Chinese wife and an American husband, and two young kids under 3.  The grandparents need no elderly care.  We live in Mid-Level.  We are looking for someone honest, trustworthy, patient, positive, and good with young kids.  The candidates should have reference letters from their previous or current employers (we do contact your previous employers!).  Resumes with no reference letters won't be read. We prefer you to have years of working experience with the same employer to show your loyalty because we are looking for someone who will work for us for a long time too!  We are happy to offer a very good salary if we like the candidate. The start day is very flexible. We only want someone EXCELLENT.

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