Looking for a domestic helper
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Looking for a domestic helper

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Posted: 2 mo. ago

Job Requirement

Job Description


We are looking for a domestic helper to work for us in Saudi Arabia Riyadh city. the following will be provided for her:

1. Separate and spacious room to Live in.

2. A bank account will be opened for her to receive her salary.

3. Free internet access.

4. We will buy her a mobile phone (after 6 months of work).

5. We will take care of travel expenses.

6. The room is new so she will be given the chance to decorate it as she likes (we pay for the Decoration with limited budget).

7. We will take care of her Medical insurance.

Her responsibilities are:

1. Taking care of the two children (9 Years old and 5 Years old).

2. Taking care of their homework and school.

3. Taking care of the house (Cleaning, Laundry, Ironing, Cleaning Dishes etc..).

A priority to us are the children and their school. After that comes everything else.

She must know the following:

1. English.

2. How to use a Windows computer (for basic stuff).

Mobile phone usage and posting on social media while working is not permitted.

Required Skills / Duties

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