Looking for a domestic helper
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Looking for a domestic helper

Canadian | Family | with 2 adults + 1 kid | 3 - Member

Posted: 2 wk. ago

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1, Age between 20-36 max, want to work in Japan for 5-10 years is preferred


2, She has to have high responsibly for kids satey, good heart and love the kids, put the kids safety on top of everything


3, Can cook or like learning cook by the recipes we give, we're Canadian and Chinese family, usually eat US,Mexican food,and Indian food sometimes,of course Chinese food


4, Don't make trouble in Japan like making boyfriend or have relationship with japanese guy,try to marry/stay in Japan


5,Keep her promise, like if she says she can work with us for 5 years, no matter what happens, she needs to delivery her words or find a replqcement


6, Be heathy, don't quit job because of her illness or her family asks her to quit for her good.

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