Responsible independent home helper 🐱
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Responsible independent home helper 🐱

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Job Requirement

Job Description

Responsible, Independent Home Helper
Age: Between 30 and 40
Nationality: Indonesia (Other nationalities considered)
Transfer ONLY, No Agent Must be in Singapore
Preferably looking for family person with children to support at home.

We are looking for a respectful, independent helper to join us to help a small UK family of 3... working adults in a 2-bedroom apartment.

We will treat you with professionalism and courtesy, and expect your honesty, care and willingness to learn our ways. Work scope includes cleaning, washing, ironing and, eventually, learning western cooking.
You must read, write and speak English well to communicate with us and must be prepared to learn our ways by taking notes and following instructions.
Salary up to $800 according to skill/experience.
Own room and bathroom.
Opportunities for self-improvement by education.
2 Year contract with $2,400 completion bonus
First 3 months: 1 normal off day + 3 paid off days.
Remainder of contract: 4 off days per month.
We are looking for someone with a good track-record of employment in Singapore. Please note we can only consider individuals who have successfully completed at least one contract in Singapore.
We need to ensure that your current employer is willing to sign release papers for SEPTEMBER.
If you would like to discuss this opportunity, please take a moment to send me a private message with answers to these 8 simple questions:
1. What is your Name, age and home country?
2. Why are you leaving your current employer?
3. Do you have dependant family (eg: children) in your home country?
4. What is your work experience in Singapore
5. What are your interests, what do you like to do in your personal time?
6. When does your current contract in Singapore end?
7. Is your employer aware you are looking for a new job?
8. Will your employer sign release papers for SEPTEMBER?
I hope to hear from anyone who is interested to have a follow up video chat with me to talk more about our household and this position.

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