(35 years)

Female | Divorced | 3 Kids | Indonesian | Muslim

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Hello madam my name is Endang pratiwi (shyfa meow) is my facebook user name,let me introduce myself

My name endang pratiwi 35yo indonesian,,i work in spore about 10ys
I am mother of 3 children who bring up by me n i am divorce,,i have 1 elder brother n 1 elder sister n i am last child in my family i dont have parent but my family ( uncle aunty) look after my kids

Here my experience job in singapoe

1 employer i worked with indian singaporean look after 2 kids 6yo n 9yo they stay in 3 storey landed property,,i fnish my contract 2,5ys

2nd employer i worked with indian sporean also my job cleaning n cooking they stay in 3 storey landed property also i fnish my contract 3ys i stop work there cos they dont need maid anymore since they youngest daughter move to australi to study n both parent want move to small condo n my madam house wife she not workng so she can handle cleaning in small condo

3rd employer i worked with expat couple they british indian only husbn n wife no kids no pets,,my job cooking n cleaning house i finish my contract 2ys ,,i am not continue cos my madam if scold me always using bad words if she got problm in her office she will come to me n throw her stress on me

Here now my 4th employer i work with malay family n we stay in HDB pasir ris
I taking care toddler cooking cleaning n all house work,,i taking care her since her age 7month n now she 2,5ys,,my contract finish end of july,,bcos of covid she want me stay till december but my madam has something problem in work place n she quite the job she ask me to looking new bos

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