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Female | Married | 3 Kids | Filipino | Catholic

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Hi Maam & Sir

I am Gemmalyn, 38 years old. My nickname is Jhean or Gema. I am finish contract by May 16 2023. I am looking an employer because I do not want to renew my contract with them because difficult to handle the naughty kids and always eat instant noodles. 

I am from Alaminos Pangasinan. I have 3 daughter their age 17/15/14. They living with my husband. My purpose of working here is to provide for my family in the Philippines and to finish studies my 3 daughter for their future. 

My currently employer is a Hong Kong 4 family member 2 adult and 2 kids. I wake up at 6:30am to prepare breakfast and my ma'am lunch for her to bring to work. I assist the kid to prepare his need to bring to school and I prepare his milk and uniform and help him to brush teeth after all finish, wait grandma to pick him because the grandma help me to send the kid to school and pick him up to bring back home. Next I do washing the clothes and cleaning until the baby sleep. Cleaning the follow and window & tidy up the things and clean the baby toys. After cleaning, I eat my breakfast after I go to ma'am's room to check the baby if he wake up to assist him change diaper and homewear. And prepare his breakfast. I prepare 2 egg and bread and fruits. After eating, I help him to brush teeth and clean face. If we all finish, we play, dance and sing and read story book. When it's almost lunch. I prepare our lunch. I cook noodles, vegetable and meat. After he finish his lunch, we can play for a while to wait for the time to take a nap. If the baby still sleep, I continue my work ironing and fold the clothes and prepare for dinner. I prepare 3 or 4 dishes. After dinner, I clean the kitchen and the rest of the house. I usually go to bed around 9:30pm. 

I also have previous experiences with Arab family and Chinese family from Malaysia 5 family member. I have experiences taking care of newborn and dog. 

I am looking for an employer with newborn since I love taking care of them. My strong point as a helper is to have a good communication with my employer and I'll do my best well to work for them.

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