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Ruby Rose

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Female | Single | No Kids | Filipino | Catholic

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My Name is Ruby rose, you can call me Ruby for short from philippines.

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From 2001 to 2011 i worked to chinese fam. For 10 yrs. My duties are:take care new born BB & 2 yrs old Bb girl. Cleaning, cooking, ironing, washing clothes, playing with the babies  etc. i also help&assist grandpa bec. He is disabbled. In short my work is all around. Finished contract with good released letter. Still connected to them via facebook account. 

2011 to 2013 my boss is German i work to this couple fam. With expecting BB. 

My duties:take care infant BB, marketing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, my duty is all around. Finished contract with good released letter. We are still connected with facebook an whattsapp. 

2013 t0 2017 i cross to other country' MOscow Russia i served this russian family for 3 yrs i take  care 6 yrs old girl & helping gradma. My duties helping my boss  daughter  send to school, pick her up from school, helping her for her needs play with her. Cooking, cleaning marketing, washing & ironing. Etc… 

When my visa almost end my boss wants me to continue working to them i did not accept her offer because it was illegal(at that time processing of working visa has stop) i dont want to work with out papers so i decided to go home in my place of origin. We still keep in touch through whatts app and facebook, messenger. 

2019 up to now currently working here in Hongkong to chinese couple fam. My duties are all around but mostly in cleaning and cooking. My contract will end on april 26 2021 so now i am looking for employer who is willing to hire & wait me after my contract. Thank you so much. 

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