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(34 years)

Female | Married | 1 Kid | Filipino | Catholic

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Hi! my name is Wennie, 34 years old, 5th child amongst the 6 children of our parents. Due to poverty, our parents wasn't be able to send me in College thats why I personally asked the help of my Auntie so that I can continue my study in return, I was working with them and helping to take care their parents too during weekends and no school days. Thankfully, I finished my 4 years College, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After my  graduation, I tried to find a job to earned money so I can help my parents financially but to found out, it was so hard to find a job with high salary until I was decided to work aboard.


Honestly, I can’t remember when was my first working abroad, if Im not mistaken that was the year and month of October, 2009 to April, 2010 here in HongKong. I am employed as Domestic Helper with Elderly Care, 82 years old, can still walk and work but need to be assisted and look after her, also to companied her for Doctors Consultation. Do household chores including marketing and cooking. I wasn’t be able to finish my contract at first because its not so easy to overcome homesick since that time, theres no Video Call.


Luckily, I was employed again in Malaysia, from January 2011 (not to be exact) to March, 2014 for 3 years and 1 month. My main duty was to taking care a 2 years old girl, responsible to her belongingness, sending/fetching her to school and to her tutorial classes, cleaning at tidying-up her own room, things and even toys. Sometimes, if we have  time, we play together, watching tv and baking cookies, muffins and jelly. If I am free also, I help my co-worker as much as I can do as we have teamwork.


After married and having a baby boy, we decided that I need to work abroad again to meet our needs especially for the future of our son, pay our debts and also to support my parents financially as they are already a Senior Citizen. And now, Im working as domestic helper here in HongKong and very thankful that sooner i will finished my first contract on March 29,2021. In details of my work, Im taking care from 91-93 years old female with Vascular Dementia, using assistive device such as walker and sometimes wheelchair especially to go outside. Assisting her, morning and after care to have personal hygiene, grooming and to provide comfort. Preparing meals, sometimes I feed her as she wasn’t able to feed herself, preparing and giving her prescribe medicines, taking vital signs especially the blood pressure, accompanied with her for Doctor Consultation/Appointments. Attending her needs especially toileting as often times. When I am free, I set beside her so that she wont feel alone and feel at ease. Others, I do household chores like, cleaning, laundry and ironing, rarely do marketing and grocery, cooking simple Chinese and Filipino dishes, car washing and bringing the dog outside.

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