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Dear,my future employer and Family, I am excited to have the opportunity to apply  for the position of FULL TIME NANNY for your family. I have worked as a helping hard for busy parents and their children for over 4 eayrs now. Caring for children is a true passion of mind and I genuinely enjoy their company. I believe in creating positive and happy environment that let children feel  safe and supported. I hold a strong work, ethics  and understand that the position of a nanny is very demanding, yet rewarding in many ways. As childcare,.I possess a great  ability to multitask, communicate well to parents and to the children,  have a lot of patience and high-energy level. Beside regular  nanny duties. I have an ability  to perform housekeeping task and run errands effectively.

I am Diana, 38 years of age ,born and raised in the philippine. I am ONLY CHILD.  My mum is single parent, raised  me all by herself. She worked very  hard just to raised me up, provide all my needs. So I am really  proud of my mum. Now that I grow up. it's my turn to pay her back and she is getting old. I want to provide all her needs and wants. I want her to experience what she wanted to experience and enjoy this life. I want her to be happy  and also think of herself because all her life. I know she always thinking of me and wanted me to have a better life.

I finished my University in year  2004 as a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION at DALUBHASAAN NG LUNSOD NG SAN PABLO(DLSP). I became a working student just to finish my studies. it's a lot of hardworking, sacrifice, patience and perseverance before  i graduated. I am eager to finish my studies because I know it's one of the thing to pull my mum to poverty.

So after my graduation,  I need to find a job. My first Job at HSBC ( HongKong and Shanghai Bank Corporation ) for 3months, I decided to resign as a LOAN CONSULTANT just because I am not happy and comfortable. My 2nd Job is PRODUCTION OPERATOR at TOSHIBA  year 2005 END OF CONTRACT. 3rd JOB is PRODUCTION OPERATOR  at (IMI) INTEGRATED MICRO-ELECTRONIC INC, year of 2005 to 2009 REDUNDANCY. My 4th Job is SALE LADY at my town province year  of 2009 to 2015. So One day  I realized I need to STEP UP, and  decide  to work abroad at 2015, lucky I'm here at HONG KONG  as DOMESTIC HELPER OF FULL TIME NANNY.

My 1st Employer is CHINESE AND BRITISH FAMILY  to MR. MICHAEL CHUNG WAI WU. I taking care of 5 ( 4 adults and 1 child  age of  1, 1cat and 1 dog) So my duties and responsibility are:

    * Prepare and serve meals with balance nutrition, ensuring  food safety.

    * bottle,  feed baby sterilize manner. 

    * change diapers. 

    * preparing Vitamins. 

    * Bath and Dressed baby.

    * Took baby for walk to park.

    * Regulated map schedule.

    * play the baby. 

    * Arrange the playdate. 

    * Reading the stories book.

    * Clean the pet's stuff and preparing healthy meals and water.

    * Bring the special clinic for check up and vaccination. 

    * Bring the dog to barbershop. 

    * Give the daily vitamins and walking 3x a day.

    * House keeping( laundry, ironing, cooking and groceries ).

In my first  2 years here in Hong kong it a really amazing stories and memories from my previous employer. I earned a lot even I work long hours. Most of the time I worked overtime. I start and wake up at 6am and start my worked until 11pm to 12 midnight and sometimes until 1am. after my contact I find another family. A LEBANESE AND FRENCH FAMILY to MS. FIDA BOU CHABKE as FULL TIME NANNY. Taking care of a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 6yrs old boy). My responsible for looking and supervise the 6yrs old boy and all his activities, provide and create a stimulating and safety environment.  My duties and responsibilities are:

       * Plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks.

       * To assist home work /education development. 

       *  Organizing playtime /playdates. 

       *  Playing outdoors /indoors. 

       * Extra curriculum activities. 

       * Reading stories book.

       * Housekeeping : laundry, sweeping, mopping, ironing, cooking  and marketing.

      * Took from school. 

      * Personal hygiene. 

      * Reinforcing good behaviour and manners.

I would  describe my self as a Passionate, Energy, Sociable, organize, resourceful, creative, humble, nature lovers, traveller, music lover, positive thinker and trust worthy. 

I am  looking forward to meet and share my interest and create amazing memories with your family. Hoping that you might consider in choosing me but I well respect what ever your decision it may be.

Thank you very much maam/sir responding to my massage for giving your time to need this letter of mine. My warmest regards to your family. 

God Bless you and your family. 

Respectfully yours, 



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