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Female | Single | 2 Kids | Filipino | Christian

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I'm Madel E Lascano, and I am single mother, I am 32 years old and I have 2 kids, my eldest son is 14 years old and my youngest son is 13 years old.My personality is,i am honest and hardworking,initiative ,cheerful realible and positive attitude and kid loving. i have a husky pet in my house,i know how to take care pets.and  Currently, I am here in Philippines taking care of my kids and putting up a small business. I decided to work in overseas again because ,my business is not enough to support our financial needs. My past work of experience as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, I started my venture in Hong Kong.My first employer ,is  Chinese Family,1 elderly and 4 yrs old girl.I started my work to them year 2012 to 2016.I finished my contract to them. And my 2nd employer is Chinese Family also,2 adults and 6 yrs old  boy..I started working to  them year 2017 to 2019 i finished my first contract to them and the second contract,i decided to go back to Philippines because of my Kids no one take care of them.My responsibilities and duties to both of my employer i've been working ,taking care of their kids,cooking food for them and cleaning the house and do laundry.and send the kids to their school if just nearby,if not send them to school bus.And also i did the marketing as well.I am happy and thankful for my 2 previous employer to worked with them.They treat me as an equal peron and respect my privacy as well.Im looking forward to to meet my new employer and hire me as their helper.Thank you.

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