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Female | Separated | 3 Kids | Filipino | Catholic

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My name is Vanessa, I am 33 years and proud mum of 2 sons. I am a college graduate in midwifery. I have been working in singapore for 8 years. I am working in 4 families, and hence I am available with my employers households, I have held many duties the typical one, like cleaning, ironing, marketing, and cooking main responsibility to taking care employer kids, helping them sometimes to there activities bringing and fetching them from school, the amount of work was always substantial, but despite that I perform these task with the utmost of respect and diligence and such I earned the trust of the families.But experience a new employer from different culture and different habits, I am not rich enough to travel so this is my way to learn about the world. I am experienced helper and I service oriented. I like to create a good atmosphere in the house, I love to cook and some bake as well.

My previous employer since 2012 up to present those are from singapore, russian, british indian, belgian family and I am familiar to western, chinese , filipino, bit thai dishes. I can follow recipe too. My english is good, love to singing and sometimes dance and I am generally outgoing person, I am doing some outdoor exercise like jogging and cycling typical on free time or after work done, My current package with one off day per week and all public holiday , I am flexible regarding the day of my off day. But i prefer Sunday in view of activities.

I would love very much love to find employer who understand and supports my ambition and goal in return i will be very reliable trustworthy, honest and hard working helper that I become part of your family. At the moment i am in the temporary employer i can transfer in flexible time

Looking forward hearing from you

Previous employer

oct 2012-sept 2014
( chinese singaporean family)
finish contract
1 yrs and 3 1/2 yrs old boy
reason for leaving : change enviroment
letter for reference

sept 2014- may 2016
(russian family)
almost finish contract
4yrs.old girl
reason for leaving: employer relocated in other country
letter for reference

june 2016 -june 2018
(british indian)
finish contract
infant girl
reason for leaving: to change enviroment

june 2018 to may 2020
( belgian family)
11yrs old boy, 4yrs oldboy, infant girl
small toy poddle dog
finish contract
reason for leaving: they don’t need my service and due to covid situation

may 2020 up to present
chinese singapore/canadian PR
10yrs old girl , 12 yrs old boy
mid cat
reason for leaving: they original helper will be back here in sg, i am just there temporary helper

Looking for hearing from you

thank you

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