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Training Course for Domestic Helpers 
“My Organized Helper”


Workshop 1: Laundry Problems & Solutions

  • How to separate laundry for the best results
  • Easy laundry tips to keep the clothes looking new
  • How to use a clothes dryer correctly
  • What Care Symbol and Instructions Mean


Workshop 2: Organized Closet

  • How to organize a lot of clothing in very little closet space
  • How efficiently use space in the drawers?
  • KonMari Folding: a step-by-step vertical folding technique
  • Which tools you need to organize the closet


Workshop 3: Organized Refrigerator

  • How to organize fridges with food safety in mind
  • Cross-contamination and how to prevent it
  • Common mistakes that cause produce to spoil
  • The easiest way to save space in the fridge
  • Effects of ethylene gas and fruit ripening



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What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

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