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Enrich is charity providing financial and empowerment education to migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. Enrich Hong Kong was founded in 2007 by a group of development workers and a finance professional who were motivated to do something to address the urgent needs of migrant domestic workers for which there was little support available. 

Enrich is offering training for financial literacy, business development and confidence building. Courses offered:

Moneywise Migrants - This 4-hour workshop, tailored especially for migrant domestic workers, introduces you to personal finance management where you will learn and develop skills that can help make your money work for you. Learn how to create a budget, plan and track expenses, set financial goals and manage your money.

Growing My Money - Once you’ve started saving your money, the next step is to grow it. This 8-hour workshop is an introduction to investment concepts, tools and instruments. Here you will learn practical ways to apply investment strategies (such as bank services, retirement plans and insurance) to maximize your income and savings. You will learn how to spot investment scams and ways to avoid them. This workshop will also help you identify and shape healthy attitudes towards wealth.

Setting Up My Business - If you are interested in setting up a business (or will take over one) when you go home, this workshop is just what you need! In this 8-hour session, you will find out if starting a business is in your future, get introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship and learn how to create contingency plans for if your business fails.

Money and Family - For migrant domestic workers, taking care of your family means more than just sending money home every month. It also means involving and educating your family members on the importance of managing your hard-earned money correctly. You want your loved ones to learn healthy attitudes toward finances so you can work towards your goals together. In this workshop, you can gain the skills to effectively manage the needs of your family, yourself and your future and learn how to make money matters a whole family affair.

Speak Up - Hone your communication skills and build the confidence to stand up for yourself through role playing exercises. Find out how Hong Kong law protects migrant domestic workers from harassment and discrimination. This fun workshop will also help you manage peer pressure, particularly when dealing with friends and family that borrow money.

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Phone: +852-23865811

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Mary joy salarda - Helper

15 Jul 2022

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