Fair Choice Domestic Helper Agency

Accredited Agency

Founded in 2017, Fair Choice is an employment agency for domestic helpers from Philippines. We aim to offer a fair, ethical and professional service to employers and helpers with comprehensive follow-up services and post-employment support.

Our services include assisting clients with the following

  • Hire overseas domestic helpers from the Philippines

  • Hire local domestic helpers from the Philippines

  • Direct hiring – process documents for domestic helpers not associated with our company

  • Contract renewal – process documents for employment contract renewal and extension


​Our mission is to match the right helper with the right family and to provide employers and helpers with a long and prosperous relationship. We at Fair Choice are committed to this philosophy and thoroughly believe in improving working conditions for the foreign domestic worker.


​We at Fair Choice pledge to:

  • Never charge the helper illegal or exorbitant fees

  • Never ask the helper to enter in to any loan agreement with our agency

  • Never refer helpers to money lenders

  • Not illegally withhold a helpers passport, employment contract or bank cards



Local Hire – Break or terminated

From HK$ 8900
Max Time: 12 Weeks
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Local Hire – Finished Contract

From HK$ 6900
Max Time: 4 Weeks
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Direct Hire - Local

From HK$ 4900
Max Time: 4 Weeks
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Direct Hire - Overseas

From HK$ 8500
Max Time: 2 Weeks
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Address: Suite 2515 Langham Place Office Tower

Phone: +852-94384535

Time: 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Licence: 60904

Day Off : No

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What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

Treat helpers in a fair manner and help clients to hire great domestic helpers

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