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HelpHer Do Better is dedicated to enhancing the holistic wellness of women from different backgrounds.
In particular, we aim to assist foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in promoting personal growth by fostering mutual help in the community.

Spreading knowledge in various forms of events, we guide women to acquire new skills, develop self-esteem and achieve mental-emotional wellbeing. 
From fitness activities to meditation, sharing sessions and classes, our members are empowered through sharing ideas and insights, learning different skills and attaining their goals with the facilitation of volunteer experts working in the field.

We believe the acquisition of new skills and access to information enable helpers to make further development in life. 

We, therefore, engage experts to equip our members with practical skills and knowledge while teaming up with other organizations to provide useful resources.  

Returning to their homeland in the future, helpers will have a greater chance to enjoy financial autonomy as they put the skills and knowledge into practice and make informed decisions.

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Address: Singapore Botanic Garden

Phone: +65-88472237

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Licence: N/A

Day Off: Monday,Tuesday

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What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

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