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We are Certified Professional Organizers who specialize in curating organized spaces to help you take control of clutter and afford you a sense of peace in your homes. We assess your immediate organizing challenges, create bespoke organizing systems and teach you and your helper to stay organized for life. 

Our Services:


1. Home and Business Organization 

Home Makeover HK implements a proven CCCOM system to organize every space in your home or business predominated by clutter. We will ensure your transformation is executed impeccably and sustained by our highly specialized home organization strategies.

2. Moving: Packing, Unpacking, and Setup

Moving is always synonymous with a fresh start. We'd love to be an essential part of this milestone and make the entire moving process less of a taxing chore for you. We'll help you purge and steer clear of clutter while we pack, unpack and put things where they should be.

3. Domestic Worker Skills Enhancement Training

Enrolling your helper in our HMHK Organizing Classes is an excellent investment for their confidence and skills- a key to unlocking their full potential as they care for you and your family.

Who do we organize for:

1. Busy Parents who find it extremely difficult to squeeze in a few moments for themselves let alone an hour or two to organize their homes. 

2. Corporate Offices that need to make sure that their work space runs like a well-oil machine. 

3. Shopaholics who are trying to save a great deal of money by having an inventory of clothing, books, and accessories that they own. 

4. Workaholics who want to get back on track with hobbies they love and carve out time from their busy schedules to spend time with their families and friends instead of spending time looking for stuff. 

5. Business Owners who do not want to miss client appointments and lose out on potential income or put a disorganized, messy face forward when making first impressions. 

6. Hyper Organized People who want to elevate their existing organizing systems. 

7. Anyone who wants to give more space for things that truly matter, better health, a settled life and a sense of peace in your own home. 

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What is an Ethical Employment Agency?

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