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HelperPlace is proud to collaborate with Icon Medical in order to provide one of the best Course for Caregivers in Hong Kong.

Join our Certificate Course for Caregivers to Become an Elite Caregivers for More Overseas & Local Job Opportunities & Higher Salary. Contact us to get more information about our next session. All Foreign Domestic Helpers are welcome to join our programme.

Enroll now for our Upcoming April Certificate Course for Caregivers. The 1-Month Programme (1 Lesson per Week)) is perfect to learn and get new skills.

Caregivers skills

  • Role of Caregiver
  • General Body Assessment
  • Feeding Skills & Personal Hygiene Skills
  • Pressure Ulcer and Wound Care
  • Caregiving in Emergency & Specific conditions, CPR and First Aid
  • Administration of Oxygen Therapy and Medication
  • Patient Safety and Infant Care

Start : Apr 20 (Sat Class) & Apr 21 (Sun Class)
End : May 18 (Sat Class) & May 19 (Sun Class)

Study for ONE / TWO Months & Get 4 certificates in ONE Course. One Lesson per Week – Morning/Afternoon/Whole-Day Classes on ANY ONE DAY from Monday to Sunday available of your choice.

Why Choose Us :

  1. Best TQUK Approved Caregiver Training Institution in Hong Kong
  2. The only UK & US Certified Caregiver Course with Both CPR & AED Training in Hong Kong.
  3. The only UK & US Certified Caregiver Course in Hong Kong registered with the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government
  4. Able to Obtain 4 Certificates in one course (Baptist Hospital, TQUK, American Caregiver Association and Icon Medical Group)
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  • Trainings
  • Pricing and Services
  • Training
    • Max Processing Time 1 month
    • Price start at 2200
    • HKD

    Month Programme (Saturday & Sunday Whole-Day Class)

    (i) Lessons: Total 5 Lessons (1 Lesson/Week)
    (ii) Class Time – Saturday or Sunday:
    – Lessons 1-4: 9:30am to 5:30pm
    – Lesson 5: 9:30am to 1:30pm
    (iii) Course Fees: HK$2,200 (Free uniforms and course materials included)

    • Max Processing Time 1 month
    • Price start at 2200
    • HKD

    Month Programme (Half-Day Morning or Afternoon Class)

    (i) Lessons: Total 9 Lessons (4 Hours per Lesson; Total 36 Hours)
    (ii) Class Time:
    — 9:30am to 1:30pm (ANY ONE DAY from Monday to Sunday)
    — 1:30pm to 5:30pm (Saturday / Sunday)
    (iii) Course Fees: Full Payment (HK$2,200) or By Instalment (HK$900 x 3 (Total: HK$2,700)) (Free uniforms and course materials included)

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